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Android and Web Development

We are a complete team of Mobile Applications and Website developers. Let us bring your dream to reality.

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Enjoy a variety of Java (Android Studio and Sketchware) Tutorials. We are here to guide you on how to get app development functionality right.

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Join our Forex, Boom & Crash, Commodities, Stocks and Metals Trading group. WE have a dedicated Team that will offer you Signals through our app.

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Follow our Technology Team on Facebook to get your phone and computer problems quickly solved. We have local or remote experts ready to attend to you.

about Us

Developers, Traders, Designers and Tech Specialists.


Professional Android App Developers. We design and develop apps to specifications.


Trade Forex, Commodities, Boom & Crash, Stocks and Metals with expert signals.


Let us design your App or Website to modernity with utmost precision to your specification.

Developers, Modders, Traders, Designers and Mobile phone and computer repair experts. We have over 10 years experience in each of the specified fields. We have a decent following across YouTube, Facebook and Telegram. Our followers get to have access to our latest public content.

Our Telegram group and signals app are home to top Forex, Boom & Crash and Gold traders across the globe. Join our Telegram group or download our Trading Signals app now.

The YouTube channel provides video and audio content that will get you going. We mean productivity, solving your App development problems and introducing new ways of solving problems within Java, Python and PHP scope.

Computer repairs

Want your Computer or Phone fixed? or probably want a custom rom installed? or Bootloader unlocked? or password removed? Whatever problem you have with your gadgets, our Tech Team is available to help you. Reach us through our Facebook page or email.

Router & MIFI

We unlock Routers and MIFIs to support all networks. Have the freedom to use any carrier sim of your choice.


We unlock routers from as low as $9


We unlock MIFIs from as low as $4

Developers That Make a Difference

We go beyond development.

Giving monetization ideas

We are not all about developing your dream, we take a step further by advising you on the best monetization strategies for your App or Web project.

Monetization & ASO

Successful Campaigns

Best Marketing

Web content

A website should speak to it’s audience.